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"This is the most fun I've had in a professional development, EVER!"~2012 Participant

"I was super impressed with the caliber of speakers and information given. This was a 'class act' in every way. Even the food was impressive! I will be able to use the information given to me to benefit my students."~2012 Participant

"I am leaving with more resources, ideas, knowledge, and lessons than I know what to do with - this is a GOOD thing!"~2012 Participant

"I had a lot of fun and had positive interactions with programming (which I very much shy away from usually)"~2012 Participant

"Professional development for teachers is most helpful when the teacher can use the "stuff" in the classroom. For this workshop, I can and will use this "stuff" in my classroom. Thanks!"~2012 Participant

"One of the major strengths of this conference was the fact that I was introduced to new vocabulary & technologies that I am excited to know and use!"~2012 Participant

"I enjoyed all the different learning experiences! I left with more resources than I have ever from any other in-service opportunity!"~2012 Participant

"Really useful and fun. Great opportunity to hear from super-knowledgeable and articulate educators, and hone in on CS-specific issues for middle and high school teachers."~2012 Participant

"I attended the CS4HS summer workshop at the UW was absolutely thrilled by the quality of the presentations, the breadth of material we covered and the quantity of classroom ready material we received. As a high school Math teacher I was curious and excited to learn how this workshop on Computer Science might prove useful in my class. In the end, I can say absolutely that this workshop changed my teaching." -- Judson Miller Roosevelt High School Math Teacher

"Thank you for the inspiration, the CS4HS summer workshop was the reason for our first annual science career board, modeled after one of your sessions." ~ Tami Skillingstad, Cheney High School Biology Teacher

"This workshop has been much better (fun, info, people) than many of the other edu workshops I have been to."~ 2010 Participant

The workshop is targeted at teachers with no computer science or programming experience.

CS4HS 2014: July 16-18th

Would you like the resources to incorporate modern, fun, and accessible computer science elements into your math or science class? Join us for our CS4HS workshop at the University of Washington, where we will introduce you to basic computer science ideas and give you the knowledge and resources to integrate these ideas into your teaching of the natural sciences and mathematics.

Specifically, the CS4HS workshop aims to:

  • Earn 17 clock hours from WSTA
  • Expose you to exciting examples of computer science operating in close relationships with other disciplines.
  • Teach you the basics of computational problem solving and give you the vocabulary to relate these concepts to your students and your own subject material.
  • Broaden your view of computer science and the way it is shaping Washington's communities and people--and those of the entire world.
  • Explore opportunities for you to help broaden your students' interest in computer science and dispel myths about what computer science is and is not.

Please see our registration page for information about how to join us, or our overview page for more information about computer science's relationship to high school, Washington state, and the world. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

The CS4HS workshop is a joint undertaking between the University of Washington (UW), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and Tim Bell's CS Unplugged program. Please see our Resources/Affiliated Groups page for more information on this collaboration.

The University of Washington's CS4HS workshop is sponsored by generous funding from: